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We are very sad to inform you that we have closed our doors to Bistro Mirey in Fulham on 31 October 2019. We have very much enjoyed becoming the neighbourhood's gathering place and we hope you stay in touch with us for future updates. Thank you for your continued support.

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Bistro Mirey is a neighbourhood gathering place created by Gerald Mirey and Ko Ito. Back in 2011, Gerald and Ko met in Swansea where the pair instantly got on through the love of food and one day dreamt of opening a neighbourhood restaurant where the locals gather around for good coffees and teas, sake, brunch or supper. It is one of those cosy and hidden spots in the neighbourhood where you will always receive a homely hello and tasty treats every time. 


Our food

After series of pop up restaurants, we have settled in Fulham since the beginning of 2018. 

Our food is simple and authentic, prepared with love and care. We serve bistro style French food, with the influences of Japan and beyond. Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible whilst still staying true to our uniquely different bistro menu. As well as our classic menus, we often run blackboard specials


A little bit about Gerald and Ko

Gerald is a classically trained French chef born and raised in Normandy, France. Gerald has been cooking delicious French food influenced by British traditions and ingredients for two decades. Gerald has worked for The Boisdale (a traditional Scottish restaurant), The Garrison (a Village London gastro pub), and most recently at The Narrow (Gordon Ramsay restaurant).   

Ko grew up in Hokkaido island, the most Northen part of Japan. Having moved to the UK almost a decade ago, Ko has developed a penchant for French and British cuisine. Ko was able to harness his new found interest by setting up and running several supper clubs which has allowed him to explore and share the experience.  



The Independent

It’s an exciting local restaurant that warrants visiting for all their  occasions (a good ploy) and brings something a little different to an  area mainly dominated with Middle Eastern cuisine. And it’s very pocket  friendly, a good few pounds per dish below its counterparts. 

The Evening Standard

This is a place which feels tremendously honest: the kitchen really does  care and the prices are decent (very decent, actually). They deserve to  be the kind of busy that wears out waiters, and not just as a  neighbourhood place, but as somewhere worth calling a cab for. I cannot  tell you this is the best restaurant in London, because it’s not, but  it's definitely the one that lately I've most wanted to tell people  about. Now I’ve told you. Help me start the hype.  

Customers reviews

This is a lovely little French Bistro with a Japanese influence. I Can't remember going to a restaurant that is better value for money than this one. The food is good and the service was attentive and welcoming. It was actually quite quiet when we went and there was only a couple of other tables in but don't let that fool you that the food isn't good!

It's a bit off the beaten track but the chef and manager definitely know what they are doing.... nice seasonal ingredients with a lovely twist. Worth a visit... i'll definitely be going back. (Source by google)